You've got nothing to be afraid of

Cut it up!

Honeybeebunny gives you the power to cut it up! Each and every piece shouldn't just be thrown on. Please, I know you are not that boring. Denim jackets, t-shirts and tanks can be cut to your desired length, neckline and sleeve length. Let those raw hemlines shine!

The model is a size medium and is wearing a denim jacket of the same size with a cutoff hemline. Note that the fraying on the hemline occurs after washing and drying.

Always remember: measure twice, cut once! Wash and dry garments before making any cuts.

A Real Screamin' Demon

Get that drop shoulder

Wear it Oversized!

Don't be drab, be fab! That's right, dare to be different by going oversized. Achieve that amazing drop-shoulder, boxy look by ordering 2-3 sizes up. Don't be afraid to cut it up! Chop off the bottom to achieve a cute cropped style, perfect for pairing with high-waisted bottoms of any kind.

The model is a size small and is wearing a size large t-shirt, with a cut-off hemline.

Ranch Fancy

The old tried-and-true

Knot, tuck and roll!

Obviously, this is the easiest! Knot the front, side, or back for a tailored, cinched-in waistline. Roll those sleeves up to show off a little arm. Last but not least, try the old tried-and-true method: just fuck it and tuck it!

The model is a size large and is wearing a t-shirt of the same size with rolled sleeves.

Sleazy Rider

Not just for the water

Swim on land!

Yes, these swimsuits aren't just water-wielding sexy kittens, but they can also be worn on dry land with your favorite overpinnings.

The model is a size small and is wearing a size small swimsuit, paired with a one-piece jumpsuit.

Feline Fierce