For Everybody & Every Body

Honeybeebunny celebrates vibrant community, generosity and unapologetic boldness! Discover an array of gender-neutral clothing and inclusive sizing. Many of the products are crafted uniquely upon your order. 


Tits to the wind!

HBB no bullshit swimswear is unapologetically bold just like you! Can be worn in the pool or on dry land with your favorite overpinnings. Suit up and show off!

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Graphic Tops

Comin' in hot!

Got grit to match your guts? These tops sure do. Soft, stretchy, structured, rugged or organic, HBB has got it covered and is hell-bent on flattering everyone!

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Trucker Hats

Sippin' on sin!

Nope, you don’t need to be a truck drivin’ sonofabitch to wear these beauties, but if you are, that's pretty damn amazing!

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Pet Products

Power puss!

100% of the net profits, from HBB pet product merchandise, goes directly to Dogwood Animal Rescue. So, dust off those wallets and boots, and scoot on over to support happy tails and trails!

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Be a little damn fancy!