A Chihuahua started it all


Meet Honeybeebunny, or HBB – a real sass mouth, screamin’ demon, bonafide bad bitch, disco babycakes, and one-tits-to-the-wind hell kitten! Don’t let her vibrant personality scare you; on the contrary, HBB exudes an authentic inclusive spirit and the boundless love that defines all dogs. With their non-judgmental nature and embrace of differences, dogs become the most badass ambassadors of unity in the toughest of times!

Wondering what this has to do with clothing? Everything! At HBB, our mission is to infuse Honey's spirited personality into our apparel, creating a feeling that radiates fun, vivid community, generosity, and unapologetic boldness!

Supporting Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue Mission

HBB is on a mission to support other lost animals to find their forever homes.

HBB has partnered with Dogwood Animal Rescue, a non-profit foundation supporting animals and the people who love them, through rescue, rehoming, spay/neuter and education!

For every purchase you make a portion of the proceeds will go to Dogwood Animal Rescue.

If you would like to donate further to Dogwood you can do so below.

Thank you for your support!

Donations Needed